D50 D65 Lightbox Daylight Lamp JUST Normlicht Bangladesh

D50 D65 Lightbox Daylight Lamp JUST Normlicht Bangladesh

JUST daylight 5000 pro Graphic 36 watt

Jusr D50 Lamp Bangladesh


The D50 fluorescent lamps, developed specifically for prepress and press applications, comply with the latest ISO 3664:2009 standard with higher UV component. Be it as replacement lamps or for conversion to the latest ISO standard, JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic lamps are suitable for all JUST standardised viewing devices. Make reliable colour decisions under a daylight lamp with constant spectral properties and top-class colour quality.

  • Perfect for viewing to ISO 3664:2009
  • Even more similar to daylight, thanks to a higher UV component
  • Colour temperature: 5000 Kelvin (CCT), D50 (CIE)
  • Low metamerism index in the visible range: < 1.0 (MIvis)
  • Low metamerism index in the UV range: < 1.5 (MIuv)
  • Very high colour rendering index Ra > 93
  • Exact colour coordinates (10°): x = 0.3478 / y = 0.3595 (± 0.005)
  • Reduced mercury content
  • Note: Relamping after required after 2,500 operating hours – fo reliable colour matching.
  • 15 watt = 438 mm, T8, G13

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