Electrolux  Dryer TD6-6 Supplier Price Bangladesh

Electrolux Dryer TD6-6 Supplier Price Bangladesh

Industrial Tumble Dryer Electrolux Supplier Bangladesh |Trims Power Ltd

Electrolux Bangladesh
  • Priority on people
    Certified ergonomic design with a human-centered approach for an outstanding user experience:
    • Reversible door hanging for a convenient laundry flow
    • Easy access to vital parts from the top and rear for simple servicing
    • Stainless steel drum
  • Long-term savings
    Innovative features to save money and time, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle:
    • Residual Moisture Control for an accurate drying result and a low energy consumption
    • The coin version with Eco power to avoid over drying of the garments and get a lower energy consumption
  • Productivity
    Reversing drum for less tangling of large items: for optimal performance the room temperature should not exceed 25° Celsius for the condensed version

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